a cool poster

In last week, my friend gave me a cool poster that is Sakiko Nomura's photo.
Today I put the poster on a wall in my dark room. It is nice.

I got an another one from him in the past.
He had many posters.
One day he said to me. I give you a poster, if you want. Which one do you like?

I notice a movie poster that was Mary Ellen Mark's photo.
It was a girl portrait.
I felt cool and gazed the photo.
I said to him, I want to this poster.

Now, it is the poster on the wall in my toilet.


I have a headache, yet.

I have a headache, yet.
My friend wrote a article on his blog, about Shinpei Kusano.
I am interesting in Kusano's works.
Kusano is one of the most famust poet in Japan.
But I have never read Kusano's works.
I have to read his works.


I am not fine.

I caught a cold.
I have a headache from yesterday and had a sore throat today.
I slept all day.