I love wearing jeans.

I usually wear jeans, sneakers.
I think jeans should be made from cotton 100%.
My jeans price is about 18,000 yen.

I found so cheap tight stretch jeans that was 1450 yen.
Why is the jeans such cheap?
Include polyurethane 5%?
Made in China?
I try to this jeans.


Feel good.

Today is sunshine but a little cold.
My doctor said "You should walk today".
I embarked on a casual stroll from Aoyama to Roppongi in TOKYO brought with my camera.
The cherry blossoms bloomed in places.
I felt good.


My Solo Exhibition closed.

My solo exhibition closed.
I had enjoyed my exhibition.
I decided to continue photograph.

But I got tired. Tomorrow is my day off. I will relax.


My Small Solo Exhibition in TOKYO

I am holding a small solo exhibition in Photo Imageing Expo 2009 at TOKYO. March 26 (Tur.) - 29 (Sun.).
A booth number is N08 [photo frame shop KanemaruShin's booth].
I exhibit seven BW photos. It titled [puddle].


Looking for a book.

Today I was so busy. I want to relax now.

I love Science Fiction.
I am looking for secondhand book titled "The Starry Rift" by James Tiptree Jr.

I had read this story in Japanese. However I want to read the story in English.
I did not like to read SF in novel before I read the story.
But the story made me feel fun.
Then I started to read SF.
Now my favorite writers are James P. Hogan, Greg Egan and Greg Bear.


I am feeling blue.

I fill my tax return form.
I am tired.

Japanese taxation system is very complication for me.
I can not understand this system.

I am feeling blue in every March.


Always on the side of the egg.

When I was a university student, I started to read Murakami Haruki's works.
I love Haruki's wroks. And my most favalit book is "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World"(世界の終わりとハードボイルドワンダーランド).

He received the Jerusalem prize.
Many people said "Yes" or "No" about this news.

I have read Haruki Murakami's speach on "COURRiER Japon" today.

I have understood his stance on his works more.



I saw "PERSEPOLIS" through DVD. The movie was amazing.

I bought two original work of books at the bookstore.
I have finished a first book. I feel sad.

When I was young, I had heard Iranian Revolutionary and the Iran-Iraq War.
But I notice I knew almost nothing about Iran and Islam.



Today I get up at 14:00.I have been to very tired.

I got a trouble in two nights earlier.
My Macintosh didn't get started running.
I checked my hard disk and OS. But unremedied it.
At last I tried to re-install the OS and restart Mac.
I did some refurbishing operation.

I went to my bed at 4:00.
But I got up at 8:00 in yesterday.



I ate "ODEN".
"ODEN" is popular japanese food in winter.

My old friend and co-worker will transfer to another department.
He is a unique in his own way and a good journalist. He had published a book about Iraq.
I'll miss him after he is gone.