Kiyoshiro has gone.

Imawano Kiyoshiro has gone at 2nd May.
I am feeling so sad.
Kiyoshiro is one of the most famouse rock star in Japan.
He is form his own band "RC Succession" and "The Timers"...
When I was low teen listening his music.
Today I find Kiyoshiro's movie on the YouTube. I have a memorial concert by the YouTube. Thank you for this service.
My most favorite song is "Transistor Radio".


I was so mad and glad.

Yesterday I was so mad and hurt.
I felt blue and unhappy.
I wanted to cry.

But I went to Shiraoka's workshop. I felt better.
Because a student praised my photographs.
I was glad and happy.


[Waiting for Video]

I went to The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
Now this museum holding exhibition is [Waiting for Video:Works From the 1960s To Today].
There are many videos and I needed long time for all viewing.
It was a very exciting exhibition.