My grandmother has gone.

In 9th July my grandmother lost consciousness. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and admitted by doctors. She got consciousness. She was suffering from pneumonia.

My parents and I cared for her.
I looked it her got a little well. 13th July I came back to my house. But she had gone 15th July.

She was born in 1919. She was 90 years old.

It made me feel much longer in this week.


Today is fine.

Just then a bright idea occurred to me. I went to Shakujii park brought with my camera.

I was looking for color film in my room.
I found just only one film.
Then I went to my darkroom and searched in my drawer. But there were nothing. Because I usually used BW films. In the end I bought a few films at camera shop.

I enjoyed to take photos.


I am little tired.

I am preparing an itinerary to go to Higashikawa Photo Festival.

I searched timetable and hotel rooms on the internet.
I have to do everything by myself for travel.
I got tired and made me feel so poverty.

Actually, I connect the internet for long time in a day. I need the internet for daily life. It's very convenient.

But, if I go to a travel agent, a planner suggest and make up an itinerary at short times. It's very smart and saving my time.
The way make me feel benefit at the end.

If I don't enjoy to prepare my itinerary, I should go to a travel agent.


"A Chorus Line"

Last night I found a midnight TV program. It's "A Chorus Line". At that time I remembered it I want to see the movie since I was in hight school.
I have never had a chance to see the movie in a theater.

I turned on a TV. I watched the movie to the last. I liked the movie very much.
But I was shortage of sleep today.