So Silent

My house is about 45 years old.
This house is in residence area at Shinjuku TOKYO.
The residence area is more silent than last place. I don't feel confortable, becouse it's too quiet!

I moved my darkroom too.
I put my darkroom tools into my room on the second floor.
I feel inconveienct because there is not a sink.
When I print photo, I go to bath room on the first floor for wash my photo.


New Bicycle

I bought a new bicycle that is GIANT 2010 model escape R3 white. The bike is good one. It frame is the most small size. I am comfortable and glad.

Long time I didn't road a bicycle. I move to Shinjuku. Shinjuku is near center of TOKYO. There are many hills and many cars park on the road. However the bicycle is a handy gadget for move in TOKYO.
Because I don't need to wait a subway, a bus, a train and to walk.

Put Away

Long time no see.
Last month I and my partner moved to a house at Shinjuku TOKYO.
This house is larger than last house.
But we are not used to this and we can't put away many books in shelf.
We have so many books, photobooks and stuff.
I wonder if I can put the stuff away neatly.