I got it.

I couldn't use Twitter aplication on Facebook. I couldn't find the cause.
Yesterday I tried Twitterpod on my Mac OS 10.4. But I couldn't use it.
My friend on Twiiter told me Y2K problem.

I think Twitter application error is Y2K problem.


I am glad.

I found Sontag's book at MARUZEN Fukuoka store.
I ordered it and required transfer from the Fukuoka store to the Marunouchi head store.

I will pick up it at MARUZEN head store.


Sontag's Book

I am searching a book that titled "この時代に想うテロへの眼差し" by Susan Sontag. NTT-publishing company published the book only Japan. But many book stores don't have stock.

I need and want to the book!!


Eden of the East

The latest my favorite anime program is "Eden of the East". This program directed by Kenji Kamiyama and works by Production I.G.


Miyako Ishiuchi [Infinity]

I went to Gunma prefecture. Gunma Modern Art Museum is having a Miyako Ishiuchi Exhibition.

I viewed her exhibition last December at Meguro Art Museum. Before I viewed her works I didn't like her works. But Meguro's Exhibition was so good. I like her photography.

Gunma's exhibition is second time. I understand more than last exhibition. I respect her.