The Big Trouble

I wrote about my house at last diary.
Today topics is about my bathroom.

My bathroom and bathtub tiled. There are old same as the house.
When I fill the tub, hot water leak out.
Then, I called a plumber.
He checked the bath and said "There are cracks in bathtub."

I have to renovate bathroom. I am in big trouble.


So Silent

My house is about 45 years old.
This house is in residence area at Shinjuku TOKYO.
The residence area is more silent than last place. I don't feel confortable, becouse it's too quiet!

I moved my darkroom too.
I put my darkroom tools into my room on the second floor.
I feel inconveienct because there is not a sink.
When I print photo, I go to bath room on the first floor for wash my photo.


New Bicycle

I bought a new bicycle that is GIANT 2010 model escape R3 white. The bike is good one. It frame is the most small size. I am comfortable and glad.

Long time I didn't road a bicycle. I move to Shinjuku. Shinjuku is near center of TOKYO. There are many hills and many cars park on the road. However the bicycle is a handy gadget for move in TOKYO.
Because I don't need to wait a subway, a bus, a train and to walk.

Put Away

Long time no see.
Last month I and my partner moved to a house at Shinjuku TOKYO.
This house is larger than last house.
But we are not used to this and we can't put away many books in shelf.
We have so many books, photobooks and stuff.
I wonder if I can put the stuff away neatly.



I clean my house for move it and my darkroom to a house. I feel troublesome.
Today I dispose many old magazines, books and the junk.
My darkroom is very comfortable and convenient. I do not want to move my darkroom. I am so sad.
However it is not walking distance from my new house to my darkroom.


My grandmother has gone.

In 9th July my grandmother lost consciousness. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and admitted by doctors. She got consciousness. She was suffering from pneumonia.

My parents and I cared for her.
I looked it her got a little well. 13th July I came back to my house. But she had gone 15th July.

She was born in 1919. She was 90 years old.

It made me feel much longer in this week.


Today is fine.

Just then a bright idea occurred to me. I went to Shakujii park brought with my camera.

I was looking for color film in my room.
I found just only one film.
Then I went to my darkroom and searched in my drawer. But there were nothing. Because I usually used BW films. In the end I bought a few films at camera shop.

I enjoyed to take photos.


I am little tired.

I am preparing an itinerary to go to Higashikawa Photo Festival.

I searched timetable and hotel rooms on the internet.
I have to do everything by myself for travel.
I got tired and made me feel so poverty.

Actually, I connect the internet for long time in a day. I need the internet for daily life. It's very convenient.

But, if I go to a travel agent, a planner suggest and make up an itinerary at short times. It's very smart and saving my time.
The way make me feel benefit at the end.

If I don't enjoy to prepare my itinerary, I should go to a travel agent.


"A Chorus Line"

Last night I found a midnight TV program. It's "A Chorus Line". At that time I remembered it I want to see the movie since I was in hight school.
I have never had a chance to see the movie in a theater.

I turned on a TV. I watched the movie to the last. I liked the movie very much.
But I was shortage of sleep today.


I got it.

I couldn't use Twitter aplication on Facebook. I couldn't find the cause.
Yesterday I tried Twitterpod on my Mac OS 10.4. But I couldn't use it.
My friend on Twiiter told me Y2K problem.

I think Twitter application error is Y2K problem.


I am glad.

I found Sontag's book at MARUZEN Fukuoka store.
I ordered it and required transfer from the Fukuoka store to the Marunouchi head store.

I will pick up it at MARUZEN head store.


Sontag's Book

I am searching a book that titled "この時代に想うテロへの眼差し" by Susan Sontag. NTT-publishing company published the book only Japan. But many book stores don't have stock.

I need and want to the book!!


Eden of the East

The latest my favorite anime program is "Eden of the East". This program directed by Kenji Kamiyama and works by Production I.G.


Miyako Ishiuchi [Infinity]

I went to Gunma prefecture. Gunma Modern Art Museum is having a Miyako Ishiuchi Exhibition.

I viewed her exhibition last December at Meguro Art Museum. Before I viewed her works I didn't like her works. But Meguro's Exhibition was so good. I like her photography.

Gunma's exhibition is second time. I understand more than last exhibition. I respect her.


Kiyoshiro has gone.

Imawano Kiyoshiro has gone at 2nd May.
I am feeling so sad.
Kiyoshiro is one of the most famouse rock star in Japan.
He is form his own band "RC Succession" and "The Timers"...
When I was low teen listening his music.
Today I find Kiyoshiro's movie on the YouTube. I have a memorial concert by the YouTube. Thank you for this service.
My most favorite song is "Transistor Radio".


I was so mad and glad.

Yesterday I was so mad and hurt.
I felt blue and unhappy.
I wanted to cry.

But I went to Shiraoka's workshop. I felt better.
Because a student praised my photographs.
I was glad and happy.


[Waiting for Video]

I went to The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
Now this museum holding exhibition is [Waiting for Video:Works From the 1960s To Today].
There are many videos and I needed long time for all viewing.
It was a very exciting exhibition.


Oracle buys Sun.

About 20 years ago I had started a career of system engineer.
My company was small but had some Sun workstations.
At that time, I learned UNIX and "C" language on Sun OS.
After a while, my company connected to the internet.
I learned HTML and Java too.
I benefited from computer science.

I holded good technology and good experience.
I am supported by these technology.


[Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN]

Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN is a Japanese tv anime.
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc broadcast the anime from April 2005 to April 2006.
I love very much it as same as Gandum.
I guess the theme in the movie is love and peace.
There are many keywords about computer science and science fiction in the anime.
The anime has include club culture, surfing, problem of international.

Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN show at movie theather in From 25 April 2009 in Japan.
I am so glad. I can't wait.



More and More

My friend ordered a book cover design to me.
Now I am thinking and creating some design. But I don't create best one.
I have to think more and more.


I love wearing jeans.

I usually wear jeans, sneakers.
I think jeans should be made from cotton 100%.
My jeans price is about 18,000 yen.

I found so cheap tight stretch jeans that was 1450 yen.
Why is the jeans such cheap?
Include polyurethane 5%?
Made in China?
I try to this jeans.


Feel good.

Today is sunshine but a little cold.
My doctor said "You should walk today".
I embarked on a casual stroll from Aoyama to Roppongi in TOKYO brought with my camera.
The cherry blossoms bloomed in places.
I felt good.


My Solo Exhibition closed.

My solo exhibition closed.
I had enjoyed my exhibition.
I decided to continue photograph.

But I got tired. Tomorrow is my day off. I will relax.


My Small Solo Exhibition in TOKYO

I am holding a small solo exhibition in Photo Imageing Expo 2009 at TOKYO. March 26 (Tur.) - 29 (Sun.).
A booth number is N08 [photo frame shop KanemaruShin's booth].
I exhibit seven BW photos. It titled [puddle].


Looking for a book.

Today I was so busy. I want to relax now.

I love Science Fiction.
I am looking for secondhand book titled "The Starry Rift" by James Tiptree Jr.

I had read this story in Japanese. However I want to read the story in English.
I did not like to read SF in novel before I read the story.
But the story made me feel fun.
Then I started to read SF.
Now my favorite writers are James P. Hogan, Greg Egan and Greg Bear.


I am feeling blue.

I fill my tax return form.
I am tired.

Japanese taxation system is very complication for me.
I can not understand this system.

I am feeling blue in every March.


Always on the side of the egg.

When I was a university student, I started to read Murakami Haruki's works.
I love Haruki's wroks. And my most favalit book is "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World"(世界の終わりとハードボイルドワンダーランド).

He received the Jerusalem prize.
Many people said "Yes" or "No" about this news.

I have read Haruki Murakami's speach on "COURRiER Japon" today.

I have understood his stance on his works more.



I saw "PERSEPOLIS" through DVD. The movie was amazing.

I bought two original work of books at the bookstore.
I have finished a first book. I feel sad.

When I was young, I had heard Iranian Revolutionary and the Iran-Iraq War.
But I notice I knew almost nothing about Iran and Islam.



Today I get up at 14:00.I have been to very tired.

I got a trouble in two nights earlier.
My Macintosh didn't get started running.
I checked my hard disk and OS. But unremedied it.
At last I tried to re-install the OS and restart Mac.
I did some refurbishing operation.

I went to my bed at 4:00.
But I got up at 8:00 in yesterday.



I ate "ODEN".
"ODEN" is popular japanese food in winter.

My old friend and co-worker will transfer to another department.
He is a unique in his own way and a good journalist. He had published a book about Iraq.
I'll miss him after he is gone.


View exhibition

I went to Nikon Salon in Ginza, Tokyo.
Nikon Salon is a good gallery for photographs.
I vewed Daniel Machado Photo Exhibition
He focus on a man who live alone in Uruguay.
The man was a member of family with a long and distinguished history.
But Now, the family ruin.


Norihisa Hosaka Photo Exhibition

Norihisa Hosaka is a friend of my photography.
He informed me about his photo exhibition.
He hold exhibition form 2009/2/24 to 3/9 at A246 Gallery in TOKYO. more→
His photograph is a very interesting.
If you like photography, you should go to his exhibition.

[about his photograpy]



Visual Thesaurus

I found a new thesaurus on the web.
This dictionary show me network of word.
It is interesting.

good chinese restrant

I had a dinner at the restaurant with my friends.
We ordered "Wantan" and "fried rice".
There were tasty.


Happy "ANPAN"

I occasionally go shopping a bakery shop in weekday morning.
I usually buy one or two breads.

Today I bought two "ANPAN".
The storekeeper packed there "ANPAN" and handed me.
("ANPAN" include red beans jam in bread. "ANPAN" is a popular and familiar in Japan.)

When I went back my office, I found one more piece of "ANPAN" in the package.
Maybe he threw the small piece of "ANPAN" in the package.
I had not noticed that he did it.

I am glad and a little happy.


Probably I like Kenna's photos.

Satoru introduce Michael Kenna's interview page and You Tube page on his blog.
I know Kenna's photos are very beautiful.
Actually I did not like Kenna's photo very much. I did not know his night photographs. Probably I like his night photographs and power plants phots.
I want to see these photos.



I had a backache the day before yesterday night.
I had just only sat down.
When I am not fine, I see a practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion.
He is a good doctor.
I sent a email to him.
"Could you see me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?"
Yesterday I saw him and received treatment.
He said to me "You should relax and don't eat full of the stomach very much."
My backache is taking a turn for the better.


My first structuralism book

Now I read a book "Hazimete-no-Kouzousyugi" is about structuralism. Author is Dr.Daizaburo Hashizume. He is a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
He wrote this book for beginner and student in 1980's.
Therefore there are not difficult terms, but contents are difficult a little.


I love port.

I want to go to a "Onsen" with my camera. "Onsen" is a hot spring in Japanese.

I am looking for a good "Onsen" on the web. I get a information on "Miho-no-Matubara".
"Miho-no-matubara" is famous in legend.
The legend is about a nymph of paradise.
The place is near the port of Shimizu.
I love port. I would like to go to Shimizu and "Miho-no-Matubara".


helplessly sad sentiment

I have finished to read "L'Amant de la Chine du Nord". I feel so sad.
It will be continued for the present.


a Interest Radio Program

When, I acsess ARTE Radio I find a interest program. The program entitled "Dèjà vu".
The program made by Arte Radio and BBC.
It is very interesting program.
Because two language(French and English) in one version.


a frying pan

Recently, I started to prepare a lunch every morning.
My fry pan is large to cook one helping.
I needed a fry pan smaller than mine.
Today, I bought a new one.(^_^)

I do not like net shopping!!

Yesterday, I would like to bought two Marguerite Duras's paperbacks on Amazon.
One is "L'Amant" and another on is "L'Amant de la Chine du Nord".
But I didn't recall my Amazon ID.
I gave up shopping. I don't like net shopping.
Today, I went to shopping three book stores and got these books.


a cool poster

In last week, my friend gave me a cool poster that is Sakiko Nomura's photo.
Today I put the poster on a wall in my dark room. It is nice.

I got an another one from him in the past.
He had many posters.
One day he said to me. I give you a poster, if you want. Which one do you like?

I notice a movie poster that was Mary Ellen Mark's photo.
It was a girl portrait.
I felt cool and gazed the photo.
I said to him, I want to this poster.

Now, it is the poster on the wall in my toilet.


I have a headache, yet.

I have a headache, yet.
My friend wrote a article on his blog, about Shinpei Kusano.
I am interesting in Kusano's works.
Kusano is one of the most famust poet in Japan.
But I have never read Kusano's works.
I have to read his works.


I am not fine.

I caught a cold.
I have a headache from yesterday and had a sore throat today.
I slept all day.