View exhibition

I went to Nikon Salon in Ginza, Tokyo.
Nikon Salon is a good gallery for photographs.
I vewed Daniel Machado Photo Exhibition
He focus on a man who live alone in Uruguay.
The man was a member of family with a long and distinguished history.
But Now, the family ruin.


Norihisa Hosaka Photo Exhibition

Norihisa Hosaka is a friend of my photography.
He informed me about his photo exhibition.
He hold exhibition form 2009/2/24 to 3/9 at A246 Gallery in TOKYO. more→
His photograph is a very interesting.
If you like photography, you should go to his exhibition.

[about his photograpy]



Visual Thesaurus

I found a new thesaurus on the web.
This dictionary show me network of word.
It is interesting.

good chinese restrant

I had a dinner at the restaurant with my friends.
We ordered "Wantan" and "fried rice".
There were tasty.


Happy "ANPAN"

I occasionally go shopping a bakery shop in weekday morning.
I usually buy one or two breads.

Today I bought two "ANPAN".
The storekeeper packed there "ANPAN" and handed me.
("ANPAN" include red beans jam in bread. "ANPAN" is a popular and familiar in Japan.)

When I went back my office, I found one more piece of "ANPAN" in the package.
Maybe he threw the small piece of "ANPAN" in the package.
I had not noticed that he did it.

I am glad and a little happy.


Probably I like Kenna's photos.

Satoru introduce Michael Kenna's interview page and You Tube page on his blog.
I know Kenna's photos are very beautiful.
Actually I did not like Kenna's photo very much. I did not know his night photographs. Probably I like his night photographs and power plants phots.
I want to see these photos.



I had a backache the day before yesterday night.
I had just only sat down.
When I am not fine, I see a practitioner in acupuncture and moxibustion.
He is a good doctor.
I sent a email to him.
"Could you see me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?"
Yesterday I saw him and received treatment.
He said to me "You should relax and don't eat full of the stomach very much."
My backache is taking a turn for the better.


My first structuralism book

Now I read a book "Hazimete-no-Kouzousyugi" is about structuralism. Author is Dr.Daizaburo Hashizume. He is a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
He wrote this book for beginner and student in 1980's.
Therefore there are not difficult terms, but contents are difficult a little.


I love port.

I want to go to a "Onsen" with my camera. "Onsen" is a hot spring in Japanese.

I am looking for a good "Onsen" on the web. I get a information on "Miho-no-Matubara".
"Miho-no-matubara" is famous in legend.
The legend is about a nymph of paradise.
The place is near the port of Shimizu.
I love port. I would like to go to Shimizu and "Miho-no-Matubara".


helplessly sad sentiment

I have finished to read "L'Amant de la Chine du Nord". I feel so sad.
It will be continued for the present.


a Interest Radio Program

When, I acsess ARTE Radio I find a interest program. The program entitled "Dèjà vu".
The program made by Arte Radio and BBC.
It is very interesting program.
Because two language(French and English) in one version.


a frying pan

Recently, I started to prepare a lunch every morning.
My fry pan is large to cook one helping.
I needed a fry pan smaller than mine.
Today, I bought a new one.(^_^)

I do not like net shopping!!

Yesterday, I would like to bought two Marguerite Duras's paperbacks on Amazon.
One is "L'Amant" and another on is "L'Amant de la Chine du Nord".
But I didn't recall my Amazon ID.
I gave up shopping. I don't like net shopping.
Today, I went to shopping three book stores and got these books.